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This is the first of our series of game reviews from our collection.

So with that in mind lets get into “Calico”, this is a 1 to 4 person game and will take you on average 30 to 45min to play through.  The game itself says for 10 and older but children younger than that should be able to get the idea of this game as well.  This is basically a tile drafting game where you pick tiles to create a nice warm cozy quilt for your cats, there are 4 quilting boards, 5 double sided cat tiles, patch tiles, cat tokens, button tokens, design goal tiles, patch tiles and a tile bag.

Game play is simple place a tile on your board and pick up a tile from the middle of the table. You are trying to create patterns based on the shapes and colors of your design goal tokens and the cat scoring tiles. As you progress through the game you will be completing designs that will attract cats to your quilt based on the pattern and style of the cat scoring tiles. You will also be trying to complete the patterns of the goal tokens that will have two scores one for color or pattern and one for both. There is also the ability to score some points with getting three of the same color to get a button token. Once all players have filled their boards with tiles the game is over, you tally all your points to see who is the best quilter.

The game is very easy to grasp and difficult to master(It’s one of those), but what I like about it is its simplicity and head scratching frustration. The game has luck and skill involved as you are trying to get the right tiles to place and making sure not to cover the spaces you need while you wait for that one tile you need. One of the other great things about this game is the longevity, as you continue to play you keep track of your accomplishments and one day you can become a Master Quilter.

Overall I would give this game an 8.5 out of 10, while it is fun to play and can be replayed many times there really only so much quilting I can take.


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