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4950 Center Pointe Dr Suite 110, North Charleston, 29418

Beginner Classes:

We have our beginner one-shot that helps you with the basics of making a character sheet and filling them out, learning abilities and how they work, how to roleplay, and how to do combat!

These classes start out at $20 per person and normally run for 3 hours with at least 2 players with a max of 6. Bringing friends is encouraged but we’d be happy for you to meet new people and form a new group!

Advanced Adventure:

If you’ve been around the tavern before and have played plenty and know all the ins and outs of DnD or any other RPG we offer then these classes will be for you and bring in our RPG Immersive room themed as a medieval tavern called the Dazzling Dragon Tavern!

With surround sound, low flame like lighting, a projector to show off your map on our real wood table, 3D Printed mugs and steins to put your free drink in(Non-Acholic) and enough room for up to 8 players to sit comfortably . This room can be rented for $50 an hour with starting at 3 hours and with extra cost afford you our in house DM to run the session for you.

Dazzling Dragon Tavern Pricing:

$50 an Hour

$25 additional Fee for In-house DM
Our medieval fantasy tavern can be the home for your next D&D Session! The BBEG ready to make an appearance? Friends coming in from outta town for a session? Or maybe you just have a thing for medieval taverns. Whatever it may be, The Dazzling Dragon Tavern is perfect for your campaigns!

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