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Hoodie Cat Game Lounge

Weekly Events at Hoodie Cat!


Tuesday – Thursday 11am – 9pm

Friday – Saturday 11am – 10pm

Sunday 12pm – 6pm

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How It Works

Please feel free to come in and take a look around at our great selection of games, miniatures, painting supplies, accessories, quirky dresses, and much more. If you are here to play a game or just lounge about. It’s $5 per person for all-day play. If you want to enjoy our custom-built war tables it’s $10 per person, they include cupholders and edges for wayward dice.

All of our games are playable in the store. Plus lots of desirable games for purchase so the fun can follow you home. Memberships are available.


   Membership includes

  • The ability to reserve tables
  • Free table time per day for the member only
  • Member-only specials and events
  • 1 free guest pass per month
  • 10% off total transaction

 Memberships do not include DnD room

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Cool Cat

$20/Month per person

For standard tables.

cool cat
Cool Cat

$200/Year per Person

For standard tables

hip cat
Hip Cat

$30/Month per Person

For all tables

hip cat
Hip Cat

$300/Year per Person

For all tables

Book a Game Master

Let me introduce you to our Game Master, they will be available to assist you in learning a new game. They can help find that perfect game just for you, they are here to answer questions and help with strategy. This service is for our extremely complex games including Dark Souls, Twightlight Imperrium, The Red Dragon Inn, and much more. This doesn’t include our tavern room but it can accommodate up to 5 players.  If you would like to reserve time with our Game Master please call ahead of time.

$60 for 2 Hours

Take you through the game and a few rounds of play. GM must be booked in advance and available dates and times can be found on our calendar.

Trouble Deciding?

Let us help you!

See a game not sure you will like it, rent a table and try it out. Bring the game to the counter and we will give you a copy of the game to play. Like it, want to buy it? We will take the price of the rental for the person who rents the game off the price of the game!

RPG World

For those fans of the RPG world we have a room just for you!

We have an immersive experience that you will put into a fantasy medieval tavern with projected maps onto the table and environmental sounds that will allow you to hear the sounds of the world you’re in.


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$150 for 3 Hours

Our medieval fantasy tavern can be the home for your next D&D Session!

For $150 you get three hours in our immersive D&D Room. $50 per hour after the allocated 3 hours.


  • Free Non-Alcoholic Drink
  • Dungeon Map Screen and Control Board

$200 for 3 Hours

Stuck as the forever DM? Hoodie cat has you covered!

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world and let your dungeon master take you on an adventure. $50 per hour after the 3 hours.


  • Free Non-Alcoholic Drink
  • Dungeon Map Screen and Control Board
  • Dungeon Master
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$250 for 3 Hours

Don’t know how to play or need a refresher?  All levels of experience are welcomed here at Hoodie Cat!

Our dungeon master will help you with character creation and a small quest to get you used to the game.


  • Free Non-Alcoholic Drink
  • Dungeon Map Screen and Control Board
  • Dungeon Master
  • Player Handbook

$350 for 5 Hours

Looking to start that seriously long campaign you’ve been thinking of? Then this is the package for you!

Our DM will endure the 5 hours of game session with you all on this grand quest you’ve embarked on.


  • Free Non-Alcoholic drink
  • Free Snack
  • Dungeon Map Screen and Control Board
  • Dungeon Master
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